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Why do I experience problems scanning with some scanners and not others?

Scanner drivers are third party software applications that provide the interface between the scanner and the application (Trapeze).

When scanning, Trapeze will make a call to the driver software to communicate with the scanner. If there is a problem with the third party scanner driver, then scanning may be compromised as Trapeze and the Scanner cannot communicate properly. Ensure that you have the most recent release of your scanner's software driver, check the scanner manufacturer's web site for the latest drivers.

Onstream Systems is always interested to receive notification of scanner drivers that are presenting any problems. Please note the make and model and if possible the driver version - including whether it is a TWAIN or MS61 (ISIS compatible) scanner driver - and drop us a line

What is TWAIN?

TheTWAIN Working Group is a not-for-profit organization which represents the imaging industry. TWAIN’s purpose is to provide and foster a universal public standard that links applications and image acquisition devices. The TWAIN initiative was originally launched in 1992 by leading industry vendors who recognized a need for a standard software protocol and applications programming interface (API) that regulates communication between software applications and imaging devices (the source of the data). TWAIN defines that standard.(However, enterprise level scanners generally use the MS61 ISIS compatible interface standard).

What is MS61 (ISIS)?

The MS61 (ANSI/AIIM MS61-1996) standard is intended to provide a common programming interface between device dependent software that controls document image scanners and imaging system software, independent of system architecture and operating system software. MS61 is referred to as being ISIS compatible. ISIS - from Pixel Translations Inc - is a registered proprietary Trademark and the de facto standard for enterprise level scanners. (However, entry level scanners generally use the TWAIN interface standard).