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Trapeze Desktop is the heart of the Trapeze document imaging suite. It allows you to work with very large files, complex drawings, maps, plans, X-rays and photos as if you were working with the original paper document in your hands - but faster, more accurately and more efficiently.

  • Use your existing hardware to create your own files using any standard scanner or camera format
  • Use existing documents of any standard file format – no need to recreate existing files
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing document management systems
  • Create bookmarks within documents and file documents directly to appropriate folders the moment they are scanned using our unique point of scanning technology – reduce time organising scanned documents
  • Use folder, thumbnail and preview windows to easily navigate and work with large complex documents – working with documents is quick, easy and efficient
  • Documents, or pages within documents, can be in more than one folder concurrently – ease of content management
  • Move content easily using drag and drop – quick and easy
  • View and work with extremely large documents within seconds – no need for special high specification  PC's
  • Annotate documents in any way you like – sticky notes, handwriting, highlighter, stamps, pictures, arrows or any other image you choose – whatever works for you
  • Use intuitive menus and wizards as well as your own customised icons to make Trapeze easy to use to its full potential
  • De-skew scanned plans and accurately measure distances, angles and areas on screen - even for plans that are not drawn to scale
  • Overlay versions of plans accurately to quickly and easily identify differences using the light-table feature
  • Navigate and zoom into a selected part of a large map or plan without losing clarity – you can then save or print selected areas and you can easily email selected content directly from Trapeze desktop
  • Print different parts of a document to different printers
  • Print to original size over multiple pages on an A4 printer, or 'fit to page'


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  "It was very easy to install. We just downloaded it from the web and bought the licenses. We didn’t need any training. It was all very second nature for us. The support has been excellent."

Jenny Loake
Geotechnical Assistant
Swift Energy NZ

Technical stuff

  • Open Document Management API (ODMA) simplifies integration and interoperability of standard desktop applications with document management systems. Trapeze Desktop is ODMA compliant and can be easily integrated with most Document Record Management Systems (DRMS)
  • Supports TWAIN Version 1.0 or greater and MS61 (ISIS®-compatible) scanners (ISIS® is a registered trademark of Pixel Translations Inc)
  • Can be custom-integrated to take advantage of your application using the unique plug-ins for Visual Basic or C
  • Unique Trapeze Desktop™ multi-layering TIFF technology drastically reduces file size of maps and drawings
  • Web-enabled imaging for your system, using existing security to efficiently serve multi-page documents over the web
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