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Customer Care

For assistance related to our software or website, please make use of our Customer Care services which are available to service all support queries.

Onstream Systems main focus is to serve our customers by providing an efficient support system for the software we develop.

We offer comprehensive support and services designed to meet your needs in the most effective way. Our support can help you with all aspects of using our software from installation and maintenance through to hands on training allowing you to get the most out of your software.

Listed below are just some of the many resources we provide to best serve our customers needs.

Support network

Onstream Systems and its resellers provide both local and international support so that wherever your organization is based; there will always be someone available to provide assistance when you need it the most.

Online Resources

Our website offers various information and documents to keep you informed on the best ways to use our software, ways to provide us with information such as enhancements and general feedback, and much more.

Support Methods

Onstream offers a range of support options so that our customers can receive support whenever they need it. Having multiple support methods guarantees that we can service support requests quickly.

  • E-mail
  • Telephone
  • Fax

In the unlikely scenario where a support query cannot be resolved quickly through the above methods, we have two alternative options for support.

  • Remote computer access
  • Where remote access is not possible, we are able to arrange a technical representative to provide on-site support

To contact us about support services, please use our support forms by clicking here