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Imaging Software Solutions

Onstream Systems provides software solutions for image viewing, scanning/capture, storage, mark up, and redaction.

Our solutions are suitable for all types of organizations from small businesses to large corporations. Our software's unique ability to handle difficult document formats sets it apart from other software packages providing imaging solutions.

Onstream Systems provides Trapeze brand software solutions for image and PDF document viewing, scanning/capture, manipulation storage, mark up, and redaction.

The core ethos is to provide users with the same functionality as they have with the paper actually in their hands. This has led us to deliver advanced document handling technologies found nowhere else.

For an organization’s critical image documents, Trapeze products provide:

  • Simplicity of use
  • Accelerated access to document content that is relevant to the particular user
  • Ease of use of the document content


  • Scanning and data entry costs are reduced by up to 90%
  • Customer processing deadlines are met with less stress
  • Customer queries are dealt with more quickly and easily
  • Users are empowered to make better and more efficient decisions
  • Users are able to respond more quickly to business demands
  • Reliable processing of critical documents is accelerated
  • Operational effectiveness is improved
  • Costs are reduced – often by 500%
  • By integrating with them, the value of existing IT investments is enhanced
  • The quality of customer responses is higher
  • Compliance with legal requirements is facilitated

Onstream's range of software solutions have been designed to work with even the most difficult of documents, allowing our users to work with their documents no matter where they are sourced.

Here are just some of the difficult documents types that Trapeze handles:

  • Large Maps - up to several meters square
  • Huge images - high resolution, high color
  • Very long documents - several tens of thousands of pages long
  • Drawings with multiple scales
  • CAD drawings - DWG, DXF, DWF
  • Seismic logs - up to several meters long
  • Well Logs - full depth
  • DICOM Medical imagery - X-rays, CT Scans etc