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Media Release - November, 2012

Onstream Systems attends annual ALGIM conference

Another successful year attending the annual ALGIM conference. It was a great opportunity to catch up with our existing customers and to discuss topics surrounding information management. Thank-you to everyone who attended our booth.

Media Release - June, 2012

Onstream Systems celebrates 25 years!

This June Onstream Systems celebrated a milestone of being in business for 25 years. During this time our team took time to reflect on the success the company has had in providing reliable imaging software solutions to our valued customers.

Media Release - May, 2011

New website released and now live

Onstream Systems are proud to announce the release of our all-new website. The new website has been entirely redesigned to help better serve our valued customers with product information and resources that are now more easily accessible for when you need it most.

Media Release - February, 2010

New release of Trapeze Desktop (8.25) available
Trapeze 8.25 introduces a new annotation, the Recession Plane. The newly introduced Recession Plane Measurement Annotation tool can be used to determine the likely effects of 'shadowing' from/to neighboring structures when working with building plans. This improvement continues our commitment to providing the most up-to-date tools for our customers working with building plans.

Media Release - January, 2010

Updated version of RapidRedact Desktop released including the RapidRedact Reporting feature
RapidRedact Desktop version 2.20 introduces the RapidRedact Reporting feature, providing users with the ability to generate electronic reports detailing information about redacted documents.

Media Release - November, 2009

Onstream Systems attend International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference to showcase RapidRedact Redaction Software
Onstream Systems, the creators of RapidRedact redaction software were in attendance at this year's annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference held in Denver to talk to County Police Chiefs about legislation relating to privacy and redaction software.

Media Release - August, 2009

Onstream Systems in attendance at the HP TRIM Software User conference (TUF)
Being able to work with the highest level of productivity when using HP TRIM Software is a priority for organizations, Onstream Systems realizes this requirement and will be in attendance at this year's TUF conference to promote the advanced document capture system 'Trapeze Capture for TRIM'

Media Release - July, 2009

Redaction software an essential solution at the National Sheriff's Association Conference
Attendance of the National Sheriff's Association Conference attracted a great interest in RapidRedact redaction software, interest that strengthens the knowledge that the need to redact sensitive information has become a crucial priority for organizations across the United States.

Media Release - June, 2009

C.J. Enterprises attends National Sheriff's Association Conference
The need to redact sensitive information has become a crucial priority for organizations across the United States and CJE will be attending the National Sheriff's Association Conference to demonstrate RapidRedact redaction software.

Media Release - May, 2009

C. J. Enterprises, Inc. Expands Services To Include RapidRedact Redaction Software
In today's environment, where striking a balance between transparency and privacy is increasingly challenging for many organizations, CJE has formed a partnership with Onstream Systems Ltd. to provide an innovative redaction solution.

Media Release - May, 2009

Kirtas Technologies teams with RapidRedact to offer redaction technology as part of its software suite.
LegalTech, New York City, 5 February, 2008 – Today more than ever, the ability to ensure the privacy of personal information in documents is paramount in records management.

That's why Kirtas Technologies has partnered with New Zealand-based Onstream Systems to offer 'RapidRedact' redaction software, the latest technology available to assist customers in compliance efforts when it comes to digitizing legal, financial, healthcare, and other sensitive records and documents

Media Release - May, 2007

RapidRedact riding massive US upsurge in redaction demand

With the US redaction market being driven by competing Freedom of Information and privacy compliance issues, New Zealand-based software house, Onstream Systems, is seeing a massive upsurge in demand for its industry leading RapidRedact™ product.

Besides US federal FOI demands the potential market for RapidRedact™ has been recently boosted by growing debate related to identity theft and the general public’s demands for the removal of social security numbers from public documents, according to Onstream System’s CEO, Glyn Williams.

Media Release - October 30, 2005

US based Fortune 500 insurance organization purchases RapidRedact™
The insurance organization, with more than 40,000 employees, has purchased and installed Onstream Systems’ redaction software,RapidRedact™.

Disclosing the purchase, the principal of Onstream Systems, David Kelly, said he was very pleased that a Fortune 500 company had chosen RapidRedact™ over competing products at a time in the US when robust, fail-safe redaction software was becoming a necessity for both Government and business. 

Media Release - October 20, 2005

WRSystems, Ltd. provides the key to installing sophisticated redaction software RapidRedact™ into a number of US Fortune 500 companies
The software could also prove a boon for Government organisations, legal firms and businesses forced to publish electronic information they hold without infringing privacy legislation and other reporting compliance obligations.


Media Release - October 20, 2005

A real step towards a paperless office using Trapeze technology
Trapeze Capture for HP TRIM™, a tightly integrated batch scanning system developed by Onstream Systems for use in TRIM Context, has been successfully implemented by the Transport Ticketing Authority in Melbourne. It is being used by the Authority to handle inwards correspondence and is about to be implemented in the Melbourne office of the Ombudsman of Victoria for the same purpose, bringing the long promised “paperless office” a major step nearer to reality.


Media Release - October 6, 2005

NZ software could have saved Transit NZ
Transit NZ embarrassment and Kapiti Coast resident outrage through the accidental release of “secret” sensitive information could have been avoided through the use of easily-obtainable, economic Wellington software.

The outrage occurred when Kapiti Coast residents learned through “a technical glitch” that about 40 homes, numerous businesses and possibly a school might have to be demolished to make way for a proposed $730 million upgraded coastal highway.


May 18, 2005
The Independent

By Tim Donaghue

Kiwi Hacker– proof Software on show
A New Zealand software company is promising governments worldwide its software will allow them to release documents knowing sensitive, deleted or obscured sections can never be hacked.


May 10, 2005
The New Zealand Herald

By Owen Hembry

NZ software could have plugged leak on shooting
A New Zealand company says its software could have spared the American military major embarrassment when censored information about the death of an Italian secret agent was leaked last week.


International Media Release - May, 2005

Onstream Systems’ RapidRedact ensures censored text remains unreadable
David Kelly, President and CEO of Onstream Systems, felt compelled to comment on recent media reports on the publication of classified text the US authorities censored from their 40 page report on the killing by US forces of an Italian Intelligence Agent at an Iraqi checkpoint.


Local Media Release - May, 2005

Redaction software could have prevented US embarrassment
The US Military’s embarrassment at the “hacked” release of classified information, relating to the US killing in Iraq of an Italian intelligence agent, could have been avoided through using redaction software.


Australasia Media release - November, 2004

New software will prevent sensitive information leaks
The launch of a new software package this month will allow publishers of electronic information to efficiently and securely prevent the release of sensitive information in documents released to the public.

This unique software, RapidRedact™, has been developed by Onstream Systems Ltd., a New Zealand based software development company with offices in the USA, the United Kingdom and Asia Pacific. “It will prove a boon for government organizations, legal firms and businesses forced to publish information without infringing privacy legislation and other reporting compliance obligations” according to the company’s marketing manager, Janice Roth.


USA Media release - November, 2004

Onstream Systems Introduces RapidRedact to the US market
New software prevents sensitive information leaks, and aids compliance with privacy legislation requirements.

Today’s launch of a new software package allows publishers of electronic information to efficiently and securely prevent the release of sensitive information in documents released to the public.

This unique software, RapidRedact™, has been developed by Onstream Systems Ltd., a New Zealand software development company with offices in the USA, the United Kingdom and Asia Pacific.


American City & Country Magazine - October 1, 2004

Cutting out paper records
The Laguna Beach, Calif., City Clerk's Department has installed a document imaging system to store paper and electronic records. The system is easing record retrieval for city employees and is allowing the department to electronically backup the city's ordinances, resolutions, city council meeting minutes, contracts and other official records.


September 27, 2004
The Dominion Post

By Adrian Bathgate

First Oz, next the US for Onstream
Wellington software firm Onstream Systems will help turn New South Wales State Water into a paperless business.

The authority manages $A2.2 billion of assets and employs 265 people across 46 locations, managing data from the storage dams across the state.
Onstream - based in Wadestown - has sold it Trapeze, a software tool designed to let users manage scanned documents on computer as if they were paper files. Onstream marketing manager Janice Roth says the NSW deal is hopefully the first fruit of a larger push by the company into the lucrative American and Asian markets.


Australasia media release - August 26, 2004

State Water buys Trapeze Desktop, Webstreamer
State Water Corporation, based in NSW, Australia, has bought Trapeze Desktop™ and Webstreamer™ software from Onstream Systems to facilitate water management across the State.

The announcement of the purchase was made by the principal of Onstream Systems, David Kelly and confirmed by State Water’s documentation manager Michelle Cooper. Trapeze software provides instantaneous access to complex working doucments despite the requirement for image files of up to 90mb in size to be accessed from remote areas with slow dial up modems and poor quality lines.


International media release - August 26, 2004

Leveraging for Success with UCLA
In a bid to fully assess and access the US market, Onstream Systems has sponsored a business development project being conducted by executive MBA students at the prestigious UCLA Anderson School of Management, USA.

Five MBA students, who are all already working in senior company positions in the US, have been given the task of developing a comprehensive Business Strategy Plan for Onstream Systems.


International media release - December 5, 2003

New Zealand local government body buys Trapeze -TRIM
A major New Zealand provincial local government, the Hastings District Council, plans to scan all its inwards correspondence using New Zealand-designed Trapeze (TM), one of the world’s leading image and document management systems.


Boston MA - October 20, 2003

Onstream Systems and TOWER Software to Collaborate on Technology Integration Initiative
Resulting System to Enhance TRIM Context® Functionality

Onstream Systems, a leading provider of document and records imaging solutions, and TOWER Software, a leading provider of electronic document and records management (EDRM) software, today announced an initiative to integrate Onstream Systems’ Trapeze™ Desktop and Trapeze Capture software with TOWER Software’s award winning TRIM Context® EDRM solution.


International media release - May 10, 2002

Onstream has "IBM coup" in Britain
Two leading New Zealand programmers, Brent Foster and Stephen Quinn, have successfully ported the revolutionary imaging and knowledge management programme, Trapeze™, to the IBM OS/390 mainframe used by a major government agency in the UK.

The success of the two programmers, seconded to the UK agency from the Palmerston North staff of Onstream Systems, has been hailed as "a major coup" by David Kelly, CEO of the company which created the Trapeze suite.


UK media release - February 6, 2001

Trapeze creator names UK distributor
Onstream Systems Ltd, the creator of the revolutionary Trapeze™ web-based imaging technology, has named a distributor for the software in the United Kingdom, a market where it has already had resounding successes.

The company's principal, David Kelly, announced the appointment of Ascertus Ltd, of London, this week.


International media release - March 30, 2000

In August 1999, 'FileNET' announced the withdrawal of Watermark
FileNET has stated:

  • Effective December 31 1999, FileNET will no longer sell Watermark 3.x
  • Effective December 31 1999, FileNET will no longer support Watermark 2.x
  • Effective March 31 2000, FileNET will no longer support Watermark 3.x

Onstream UK Ltd. announces WMExtract, which extracts Watermark image databases to a form suitable for importing into other databases, or document or image management systems.


International media release - November 25, 1999

In-house functionality across the Net for bureaux and their corporate clients
For the first time clients of computer bureaux and imaging houses using one of the world's most advanced hands-on file viewers for document management systems (DMS) - Onstream System's Trapeze™ Desktop - have been given the ability to work 'in-house' on their files across the Internet.


International media release - March 22, 1999

Revolutionary Trapeze will provide web access to UK Land Registry documents
The unique imaging technology selected by the United Kingdom's property titles office, Her Majesty's Land Registry (HMLR), was developed and supplied by Onstream Systems, an imaging company which operates in the UK, the United States and New Zealand.

The technology - the software for creating, storing and viewing every property title and its accompanying documentation, enables on-line retrieval and viewing of this data.


International media release - March 20, 1999

Now you can sign off those plans on the web
The creator of the Trapeze™ suite of imaging software products, Onstream Systems Ltd, has made a revolutionary breakthrough which will allow users to sign off plans, or annotate documents, with their own handwriting,across the World Wide Web.

The new development, will mean that users will be able to approve, suggest modifications or actions, on electronic documents delivered across the web via Trapeze™ Desktop and Trapeze™ Webstreamer as though they were working with the original paper.