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sustain5Working with documents electronically eliminates the need for excessive scanning and printing. Trapeze provides a comprehensive range of features which helps customers to work with documents electronically where physical scanning and printing would usually be necessary.

At Onstream Systems we are aware of our customer's commitments to the environment. Onstream products have specific features that assist our customers to achieve their sustainability targets and comply with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Requirements.

Onstream software products significantly contribute to an organization's sustainability and environmental commitments by eliminating the need to use excessive amounts of paper when working with documents.

Document and Content Management

Whilst document and content management systems handle electronic documents, many users find they need to have the paper in their hands in order to work with them. Such situations include the need to redact documents for compliance reasons, or to work with “difficult documents” such as maps and plans.

Onstream products leverage the power of in-house systems to enable organizations to electronically handle any document as if the paper is actually in the user’s hands

Onstream products increase an organization’s sustainability by:

  • Reducing the total amount of paper used
  • Reducing the amount of extra printing and photocopying
  • Reducing hardware “End of Use” issues
  • Reducing the percentage of paper and other material used that is wasted
  • Lowering direct energy use by:
    • Running thermal devices such as printers and photocopiers, along with the associated cooling required is much reduced
    • The productivity increase results in up to a 6:1 reduction in the number of PCs needed

Logistical Impacts

Onsteam products vastly reduce the logistical impacts associated with moving paper. These are the big non-measured costs associated with:

  • Moving paper around the building
  • Moving paper between buildings
  • Paper delivery to end users
  • Consumables disposal
  • Transport of consumables
  • Storage of paper records